We strongly believe Talent development based on qualities is the key to become a happy, fulfilled individual that can bring the best to his actual and future world.

This climate of “getting the best out of your self” will inspire individuals at their turn to get the best out of others.  In doing so this attitude of respect and trust can inspire companies to build a positive and stimulating culture of learning where innovation and sustainability can thrive. We believe we can help people grow.


We are convinced that Talent Development can only happen when learning is learner driven, connected and continuous.

In addition Safety fostering leadership, new learning approaches and a smart use of social tools have to be created to build a so needed culture of learning. We can provide help in all these fields.
By continuously growing our competencies and by acting as connected business partners we design and provide talent development activities that stick. When doing so the ACT Partners-values are our daily source of inspiration and measure.


We have organized our products and services in 4 domains. We support organisations when they want to:

·      Grow the personal strength of their individuals

·      Build strong teams

·      Prepare leaders for the future

·      Create a 1 voice performing company

Our products and services are multiple. For the suggested domains we can train, coach or facilitate and deliver consultancy and design.  For some domains Interim Management can be provided as well