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The ACT Partners Approach

For whom?

ACT Partners organizes “change management Awareness” workshops / brainstorms at the board and management level of organizations to create awareness about the need for supporting the people side of changes in the organization. We use the Change Management Canvas (CMC) model . ACT Partners has experience in managing the change at the people side of the organization to realize the full success of projects ( technical, strategic, process reengineering, projects ….).


Our vision about the success of a project is : S = Q * A : The project Success is the product of the Quality of the technical side of the project and the Acceptance of the changes at the people side in the organization.
Management can grow from self-awareness to support and manage the change if the full “ADKAR” (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement) evolution is realized.
For involved employees at the project level we create :
AWARENESS why supporting the people side of change is important within a project.
DESIRE to work together with the change team who supports the change track.
KNOWLEDGE about the change mngt methodology : the assessments, the involved persons, coaching, sponsorship …
A first ABILITY to create the capacity and proficiency to organize and manage the change on a successful way.


Depending on the needs of an individual or the company, participants learn to optimize their personal effectiveness and the use of interpersonal skills.

Different themes can be addressed, depending on the insights gathered during both the intake and the progress made during the intervention.


Using the Change Management Canvas, ACT Partners helps the management level to become self-aware allowing the organization and creating awareness and desire in the organization to optimize the change mngt approach in parallel with the technical side of a project. These workshops can be organized as an in-company brainstorm and change management  coaching setting.

We will use different steps to create the knowledge why change is important.

First Steps : identify the  scope of the  project and what will be the impact of the change in the organisation

Next steps: identify the  stakeholders and the teams or organisation parts that are impacted ;    identify roles and responsibilities of the  change team ; define action plans;  methodology…

ACT Partners supports

Self Awareness

  • Changing behavior
  • Stronger relationships
  • Commitment

Interpersonal skills

  • Improve communications
  • Stress reduction
  • Respectful communication

Personal effectiveness

  • Better functionality
  • Focus on priorities
  • New ways of working

What our Customers say

The interactive and pragmatic approach by the coach and the sharing of learning moments with the other team members has strengthened me in achieving the desired results

Inspiring and insightful.

“This was really insightful. The alignment created will bring an incredible gain of time in making our shift happen”

“Designing our inspiring story together brought clarity and the positive energy really needed to bring our contribution to the change process”

“The what I can bring and what I need exercise increased intensively the feeling of trust within the team”

From the coachee: ” Thank you for your deep and useful help during those 6 months. I couldn’t have done it alone.

From the HR Department: we receive a lot of positive feedback for your action in that new Business Unit. It is a reference for other projects.

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