Preparing Future Leaders

Influencing power as a leader

Growing in my leadership role

Executive leadership coaching

The ACT Partners Approach

For whom?

Leadership is influence. As this is an activity that all contributors will show, leadership comes in today’s work environment in many forms.

ACT Partners provides custom-made leadership development tracks for first time leaders as well as senior managers stepping into more complex leadership roles.


Leaders are the company , they are the expression of the shift the company wants to make. Once alignment has been created they will inspire, confirm, coach and support to make it happen.


Leadership is an expression of and a builder of the company culture. As such our leadership programs are always mirrored to the existing culture and aspiration of the company. This makes each leadership development track unique.


A Leadership Development track could consist of following content:

  • Leading myself: Authentic &Inspiring leadership: My Leadership shadow
  • Leading others: Inspiring team members for engagement and growth
  • Leading my team: How to boost performance in teams
  • Leading is learning: Making team members grow: Coaching & developing others

The steps are supported by an intake with a 360° start and finish, pre-and post-reading or -viewing activities, a mirror track or similar approach for the N+1’s and …a crucial activity: the 1on1 coaching moments where the more personal and subtle development points get their full attention.

Act uses state of the art tools to prepare, build and follow through on Leadership development.

Aligned with the company learning culture our activities will have varying formats where action learning, discussion, mandatory projects, blended e-learning formats etc can all be part of the approach.

When needed ACT Partners can selected and design crucial leadership behaviors that fit with the company culture

ACT Partners supports

Influencing power as a leader

  • The ways of influencing
  • Leadership in different situations
  • Ways of communication

Growing in my leadership role

  • The type of leader you are
  • What type of leader does the team or organization need
  • Personal coaching

Executive leadership coaching

  • Personal coaching
  • Ways of influencing
  • Sparring partner

What our Customers say

The interactive and pragmatic approach by the coach and the sharing of learning moments with the other team members has strengthened me in achieving the desired results

Inspiring and insightful.

“This was really insightful. The alignment created will bring an incredible gain of time in making our shift happen”

“Designing our inspiring story together brought clarity and the positive energy really needed to bring our contribution to the change process”

“The what I can bring and what I need exercise increased intensively the feeling of trust within the team”

From the coachee: ” Thank you for your deep and useful help during those 6 months. I couldn’t have done alone.

From the HR Department: we receive a lot of positive feedback for your action in that new Business Unit. It is a reference for others projects.

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  • A confidential, safe environment for growing as a person/leader

  • A commitment to proven talent development methods

  • High quality analysis of personal features

  • Certified Consultants

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