We firmly believe that the success of a company depends on the quality of three human elements:

  • personal and interpersonal effectiveness
  • collaborative teams
  • inspiring leadership

which define the company culture & innovative capacity.

Because we are convinced that people are the key to success:

–   we anchor good leadership, great teamwork and strong personal skills in your organization,

–   we enable your staff to deal with changes and new evolutions, engaged and contributing.

Since 1994 our Experts in Talent Development support companies to improve the  engagement, productivity, quality and service of their people. We focus on sustainable results in a collaborative partnership with our clients and aim to increase the impact of your development investments. We love to work with people on all company levels.

To reach your goal we follow the following process:

‘Ever had a talking mirror?’

Some say personal coaching should be a basic human right. We agree. Delivering personal coaching we contribute to the development of personal strengths of young professionals, middle managers up to executive board members.

‘Because feedback is a gift indeed’

At ACT Partners our motto is that everyone should receive a 360° feedback as a X-mas present. Such a great gift! With the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360° (LEA) we are able to provide people with the most valuable feedback they ever had.

‘Let colours speak’

Team work is never easy. Different people, different personalities, different drives. Nevertheless a team goal is to be achieved. Understanding one another’s needs and profile make collaboration a lot easier. With models like Insights and MBTI, team work becomes invigorated.

‘Pulling on the same rope’

Ever had the feeling you lost it? Your company or your team has lost its focus. What direction to go? What is our purpose and added value? Our Experts are all skilled facilitators who will guide you towards new vision and mission statements, team agreements and innovative ideas.

‘Life as it is’

Leadership looks complex, hard and difficult. But should it be like that ? If you believe that leadership is based on influence – like we do – then our custom-made leadership development tracks will lead you through an inspiring personal leadership journey.

‘Never work alone’

Everybody is very busy. Too much to do with limited resources. Our Expert Project Managers assist you in organizing and implementing your cultural & innovation projects, hands on, at your premises. They are born to make things happen.

Our team of Expert Consultants consists of skilled professionals with a broad experience in a variety of organizations and industries. They acquired several certifications in various models and methodologies, such as MBTI®, Insights Discover®, LEA 360°®, Situational Leadership® ‘Building Leaders’ and Forth.

We always value positivism, professionalism, partnership and people focus, representing the behavior we strive for in our daily work with each other as well as with our clients.

I was positively surprised by the flexibility of ACT Partners. We asked them only 2 weeks in advance and they managed by using 2 standard methodologies – MBTI and a prioritization format – to deliver exactly with what we were looking for. 

G. KechtermansDirector E-Transformation – Proximus

The combination of the trainer’s expertise and her behavioural approach during the training sessions, led to a seldom seen personal commitment of participants to the learning outcomes.

W. VroonenL&D Advisor - Deloitte

ACT’s expert trainer inspired us, gave us positive energy and challenged us to leave our normal thinking patterns.

K. Raman HR Manager - CM