ACT Partners Consultant

Danny Boelanders

The new way of working

The term ‘The new way of working’ is used everywhere. It looks like a hype and maybe it is.
But you can also have a wider view. People work more and more place and time independent in a dynamic work environment.
This is not only the case for small startups but also companies like Securex, AXA and even FOD Social security use the new way of working.

It is difficult to explain what the new way of working exactly is. But the basic concepts are trust, coaching on output and digitalization.
Trust is essential because team members are not working at the same moment and place as there teamleader or colleagues.
When the team doesn’t trust each other is the new way of working very difficult.

The way how people work has evolved. More and more people are made accountable for the result and not the amount of hours they work.
De manier van werken is geëvolueerd. Because the team and teamleader or not anymore on the same time or place information has to be digitally accessible. Only in that way everyone is able to get the same information any moment and from any place.