ACT Partners helps people develop their talents with the latest and most advanced tools and techniques

Below you will find a selection of the tools that are used by the ACT Partners consultants. Depending on the situation and the needs of the client, one or more of these tools will be applied. All of our consultants are registered and certified users of these tools.

Teambuilding with MBTI

  • By using MBTI team-members get to know the qualities and pitfalls of all team-members involved

This leads to:

  • Awareness and mutual respect for complementarities
  • Increased trust amongst team-members
  • Enhanced collaboration, communication, problem solving, decision making, team organisation
  • The first and next necessary steps to build self-directed teams

MBTI® and Change

One’s attitude towards change is based on one’s personality and / or temperament. Depending on one’s MBTI®type , everyone has his/her added value in a change process.

Through understanding yourself and others, you become aware of different attitudes and needs in regards to change. In doing so you’ll be able to transform possible resistance into positive energy to co-operate.

MBTI® and Personal Coaching

 The use of MBTI Step 2 leads through the awareness of one’s preferences to a deep understanding of:

  • The true origin of specific behaviour
  • The personal history of the coachee, shown in current adaptation strategies

These insights lead to the appropriate tools and suggestions to manage growth and development in the following domains:

  • Improved self-confidence
  • Resilience
  • Strong leadership
  • Effective communication

MBTI® and Leadership

Leadership behaviour is based on personality, and that is why true leadership development can only come from increased self-awareness.
The program results in Leaders being able to:

  • Create the vision
  • Guide people through the change process and develop them for high performance
  • Optimise the way they pick up their coaching role.

MBTI® and Coaching

ACT Partners addresses coaching in all its aspects:

  • in the leadership role,
  • as an internal coach,
  • as a change coach.

MBTI® gives a coach more insight into his overall attitude towards the basic coaching competencies as well as his personal learning style.

As a result the coach knows how to

  • Develop learning activitiesadapted to the coachee’s learning style
  • Detect and learnapproaches and systems helping a coachee to:
    • explore his/her qualities and pitfalls
    • increase his/her self-awareness
    • identify his/her domains of development;
    • Suggest actions on how to help coachees to improve performance.

Depending on the participants’ expectations ACT Partners can focus on applications for change coaching, communication, performance improvement, etc…

Mindsonar: An X-ray machine for the mind

Imagine you had a device that could actually measure how people think, what would you do with it? How would you use it to help people better their lives and achieve their goals? How could you make use of it to develop groups and organizations?

MindSonar is a web based psychological system that measures NLP Meta Programs (thinking styles) and criteria (what someone finds important). Metaprograms are the building blocks of the way people think, things like thinking ‘towards’ (focus on goals) versus thinking ‘away from’ (focus on problems). A person’s thinking style is made up of a combination of Meta Programs, making up a unique personal system. Your Meta Programs often have a strong influence on how you behave and your emotional response to a given situation.

What does it measure?

MindSonar measures:

  1. People’s Meta Programs (= their thinking style).
  2. Their criteria (= their values; what they find important).
  3. The hierarchy in their criteria (= what they find most important, what comes next and so on).
  4. What type of criteria they are (Graves category).

Who uses it?

MindSonar is being used all over the world by consultants, coaches, trainers and organizational developers. The MindSonar system helps them get to the heart of their clients thinking. They make use of MindSonar in prestigious organizations like the armed forces of the Netherlands (in their leadership development course), a top European automobile manufacturer (sales), an Olympic Dressage team (teambuilding), which actually won 20% of all Dutch medals in the London Olympics of 2012 and in one of Europe’s premier banks (marketing). And there have been many non-commercial applications of MindSonar as well; it is also used in volunteer groups, day care centres and schools.

A different kind of test

MindSonar is different from almost all other psychological tests. Personality tests will tell you what you are like as a person; always and under any circumstances. Quite a few people feel limited or forced into a rigid category by these kinds of tests. Some older but still frequently used personality tests will even say how ’healthy or sick’ your personality is in terms derived from psychiatry. Luckily, MindSonar is not like that. MindSonar measures how you think in a specific situation. It assumes that you may think differently in different situations. So you will not be ‘put in a box’ or ‘pinned to a type’. MindSonar doesn’t presuppose either that a given thinking style is good or bad. MindSonar assumes that just about any thinking style has their time and place were they can be helpful.

Used by professionals only

You will not find MindSonar as a do-it-yourself test on the web. MindSonar is offered exclusively through a network of trained and certified professionals. There is an important added value in the guidance that a trained MindSonar expert} can offer. It has been our experience that the combination of the measurement and the professional is much more powerful than just the measurement by itself and vice versa. A MindSonar license can only be obtained by completing the MindSonar Certification course and passing a certification test.

The Lominger Competency Model® Applied

The Lominger Competency Model allows you to clarify which behaviours and underlying competencies team members and leaders need to show in order to reach the expected results or create the aspired culture.

A major reason for the failure of organisational change projects is the lack of commitment and alignment between what executives are seeking to achieve and the employees understanding of what needs to be delivered.

Using the Lominger Leadership insights:

  • helps you to understand what is valued by the business
  • youll make a language, measurement and developmental insight to improve leadership behavioursin middle and executive managers
  • youll create commitment and alignment from the organisation as a whole to competencies to be developed

As a result you ll have an unique competency model, to

  • recruit and compare new employees,
  • provide accurate feedback and gap analysis,
  • design a development plan using the same competency language

The introduction session for the Lominger Applied insights can be provided in company as well as an inter company 1 day program.

Strategic Leadership Development™ (LEA 360°®)

LEA™ describes effective leadership behaviour.

Participants get an in-depth description of their functioning in a (non-hierarchical) role on 22 behaviours (competencies) divided over 6 impact zones (functions).

This leads to:

  • An assessment of strengths and weaknesses from individual leaders and teams concerning their actual leadership behaviour
  • A clear view on the gaps to be closed between wanted and actual behaviour and culture
  • An assessment of company and leadership culture
  • Many practical suggestions to inspire real development

Data are gathered from an on-line questionnaire. The high validity and reliability of the instrument allows re-testing, leading to a refined analysis of change in leadership behaviour.

LEA is based on research, analysing those behaviours shown by successful leaders in European companies. These bases of comparison can be tailored to the expectations of the client, based on extensive research of a European population. Research data are available.

©Management Research Group®

Trompenaars Hampden-Turner®

We start from culture…. because all parts of society are faced with culture that defines the context in which people work, rest and play.

Einstein: “You can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that created it!”

Whilst all organisations share the same types of problems during these difficult times, their approach to them is usually culturally biased and often set in their past.

Filling in and discusussing about the questionnaire leads to

  • Increased cultural awareness
  • Deal with cultural differences in a more effective way
  • To reconcile differences for the benefit of better collaboration, effective teamwork and better results

We will help you develop a new paradigm of entrepreneurship that perfects the integration between human (values, attitudes and potentials) and organizational factors (structures, systems and processes) that arise from differences in national, organizational, functional, disciplinary and cultural orientations.


Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behaviour®
Firo-B® measures how you behave with other people and how you expect them to act towards you.

It leads to:

  • Improved self-awareness about your needs in interpersonal relations
  • Assertiveness and better self-management
  • Effective conflict handling

To be used in  individual coaching and teams

Personal Directions®

Provides individuals with rich and insightful feedback that:

  • Helps them explore their motivations
  • Examine how these have affected the choices they have made in different areas of their lives
  • And consider what actions they might wish to take in the future

Afterwards coachees are better equipped to make the right choices in

  • career development , for people at all levels
  • work/life balance issues
  • pre-retirement planning

Only when it’s too late?

Companies often live with the issues of the day and thus new developments are often only detected or initiated when it is too late or when sales have already dropped .

This does not mean that innovation is an obligation.

Innovation: a daily practice

ACT Partners therefore advocates that innovation should be part of the daily practice of a company. By constantly having attention for innovation, new product/service opportunities are discovered in a timely manner or identifying the need for connecting to other market needs.

Through years of experience we are able to help you in the process to develop new products and / or services.

Develop new products and services

Through years of experience we are able to help you in the process to develop new products and / or services.

Our innovation workshops consisting of one or multi-day meetings enable you. Together we consider the trends in your industry and by applying certain techniques the first step towards reaching a new product or service can be reached.

Forth method

In addition to these short interventions, we also work with the FORTH method. This evidence-based method allows us to jointly come up with about 5 new products or services that fit the previously formulated innovation mission. It is of importance that the entire company is involved, and that the customer view on things can be adopted.

Insights Discovery®

The Insights Discovery® profile is an easy to use, fun and effective, psychometric tool to help you engage with yourself and others, opening up communication and working better, together.

Insights Discovery® is an extremely useful tool in improving interpersonal effectiveness. Apart from the user-friendly system, another strength is its focus not only on knowing yourself but also on recognising others, adapting your style, and connecting accordingly.

The Insights Discovery® Profile is not a stand-alone report. It is often used as the basis for a Customer Service Programme, Leadership Development, Management Development, Sales Training, and very often on large change programmes.

We can offer all kinds of programmes where Insights Discovery is an important part of.

In addition to the before mentioned tools, ACT Partners also works with individual and group coaching programs to work on leadership, group dynamics, change management etc. We work with several partners that are for example specialized in working with horses, outdoor programs, playback theater, etc.

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